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SOON: residential building in
Bolnička, Vrapče – Gajnice


Flats for sale Bolnička Vrapče – Gajnice.

The residential building project in Bolnička street is located in Vrapče, in Bolnička street at the cadastral plot number 386/1 of the Gornji Stenjevac cadastral municipality, which corresponds to the cadastral file number 241 of the Gornji Stenjevac cadastral municipality. Vrapče is very well connected by bus lines and train with all parts of the city. A kindergarten and elementary school, healthcare centre, post office and pharmacies are near the construction location.

The plot is surrounded by buildings and defined streets.

The construction plot is irregular in shape, the south side is connected to the road and pedestrian access to Bolnička street. The plot surface area is 1,562 m2.

Building position

The building covers the entire plot and consists of one entrance on the ground level from the courtyard side.

Energy performance certificate

The building is designed to meet the energy performance grade A.

Construction permit

A valid construction permit, CLASS: UP/I-361-03/18-001/567, FILE NO.: 251-13-22-1/050-18-8 dated 05 October 2018 was obtained from the City of Zagreb, City Office for Physical Planning, Construction of the City, Utility Services and Transport, Department of Construction, Central Office for Construction. The permit became enforceable on 31 October 2018.

Number of floors

This is a residential building with 43 residential units, garages and outdoor parking spaces on the ground floor, and parking spaces and garages on the basement floor. The building is single volume, the height consists of the ground floor + 6 floor and one basement floor.


The residential building consists of 43 residential units, outdoor parking spaces and a garage on the ground floor as well as parking spaces and garages on one basement floor. The building has one entrance area for the residential units on the floors (communication verticals with the elevator).

The ground floor has four flats of 46-119 m2.

Floors 1 to 3 each have: five two-bedroom flats the size of 41-47 m2, one three-bedroom flat the size of 78 m2, three four-bedroom flats the size of 91-101 m2.

Floor 4 has two two-bedroom flats the size of 39-45 m2, two three-bedroom flats the size of 69-74 m2, two four-bedroom flats the size of 115-140 m2.

Floor 5 consists of one three-bedroom flat the size of 78 m2, two four-bedroom flats the size of 106-117 m2, one five-bedroom flats the size of 123 m2.

Floor 6 consists of two five-bedroom flats 163-169 m2.



Flat price: 1990 €/m2.

Garage parking space price: 895 €/m2.

Garage price: 1492,50 €/m2.

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