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Residential project Mikulići


The residential building project is located in Mikulići, Zagreb, in Gorenci street at the cadastral plot number 2598/2, 2598/3 of the 2598/4, Mikulići cadastral municipality. The construction plot surface amounts to 801 m2.

The plot is approximately rectangular in shape, the terrain is sloped to the south-east.

Building position

The building covers the entire plot and consists of one entrance on the ground level from the courtyard side.

Energy performance certificate

The building is designed to meet the energy performance grade A.


The Mikulići residential projects is completed in the Zagreb neighbourhood of the same name.


The building consists of three residential units. The height of the building is determined by the basement, ground floor and indented first floor. As part of the Mikulići residential building there are 3 parking spaces and 3 garages.

On the ground floor is the entrance to the residential staircase leading to the residential units. During the performance of the project, we strived to achieve a high standard of living. This was successfully achieved by placing each flat on a separate floor and oriented to 2-4 sides of the world.

Within the Mikulići residential building are three-bedroom flats the size of 68 m2 and four-bedroom flats of various sizes from 86 to 123 m2.

Building description


  • Foundations: reinforced concrete slabs, thickness 90 cm and 50 cm
  • Supporting walls: reinforced concrete walls, thickness 20 cm.
  • Façade: poroblock brick, thickness 20 cm.
  • Inter-floor structure: reinforced concrete slab, thickness 20 cm.
  • Partition walls for bathrooms and toilets: built in partition bricks, plastered and finished with ceramics on the sanitary side; spackled and painted with semi-dispersive paint.
  • The flat ceilings were done in smooth plating and spackled and painted with semi-dispersive paint.
  • The height from the finished floor to the reinforced concrete ceiling is 270 cm.
  • Interior reinforced concrete walls and brick walls: plastered with gypsum plaster or lime-cement plaster in the sanitary areas.


Partially done according to the ETICS façade system with 16 cm of mineral wool. The final layer refers to the thin layered plaster on the parapet walls of the loggia, with stone copings.



  • Impassable flat roof.
  • The roof and terrace were insulated with new generation waterproofing foils and thermal insulation, thickness 20 cm, which provide complete comfort of living.

Exterior trim:

  • Wood – aluminium with IZO three-layer glass.

Common parts of the residential unit:

  • The entrance area and corridors are covered with stone or high-quality ceramics.
  • The staircase railing is made of stainless steel, inox.


  • The residential units have an elevator made by the Finnish manufacturer KONE.

Flat furnishing

  • Trim: security and fireproof entry door with enhanced sound insulation.
  • Interior trim: lacquered; perforated chipboard wing, or satinato glass with wooden frames.
  • Exterior trim: wood – aluminium with IZO three-layer glass.
  • Floors in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways: made of high-quality oak parquet (standard), thickness 14 mm.
  • Floors in the kitchens, sanitary facilities, entrance halls and loggias: I. class Italian ceramic tiles.
  • Bathrooms and toilets: high-quality bathtubs and other bathroom equipment (toilet, washbasin, bide).
  • Electric wiring:
    • The meters for electricity consumption for each flat are located in the hallway of each flat.
    • high quality electrical equipment in the kitchen and bathroom.

Water and sewage installations:

  • Impulse water meters in special cabinets are located in the staircase hallway.
  • PEX water pipes.

Heating and warm water:

  • Gas condensing boilers,
  • Gas meters in the flats,
  • Radiators with thermostatic valves.


  • Low-noise fans in sanitary areas,
  • kitchen hood.

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